Nabízíme satelitní sledování aut, měření spotřeby paliva a monitorování vozidel

Sledování vozidel

Vehicle tracking

Real time tracking showing actual car's location on the map, presentation history of tracks, trip journals, reports.

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Měření spotřeby paliva

Fuel measuring

Precise fuel consumption and refueling measuring. In case of suspicious fuel consumption you get SMS.

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Sledování osob

People tracking

Actual person's precise (GPS) location tracking and track history presentation. You can get SMS or email alert if the persons enters or leaves defined area.

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  • Lesy České republiky, s.p., lesní závod Dobříš confirms that we use services of Monitoring RC System, s.r.o. (Ltd.) since 2009 with regards to GPS tracking of timber moving trucks and forest harvesters. With this service we successfully get such information as actual and historical vehicles location, refueling, fuel consumption, time efficiency of vehicle usage. All this we get automatically and on-line. We also use service of external data connection with our business partners to provide them with information of timber harvesting place and track of transportation to them.

    Ing. Zdeněk Mařík, director LZ Dobříš, Lesy České republiky, s.p.

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  • Dear business partners,
    I would like to thank you for services you provide to us.

    Thanks to GPS tracking and fuel consumption measuring we succeed to safe not minor financial amount. We use this system since 2009 and I am happy not just with the service I get, but also with the cost reduction.

    Thank you and I am looking forward next cooperation

    Tomáš Bican, CEO, Údržba městských komunikací Rakovník (company specializes in Rakovník city roads maintanance services)

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  • Dear Sir,
    I would like to inform you about how happy we are with the service you provide to us with regards to GPS tracking of our company trucks.
    We get all necessary data with any problem on-line at your web site, we can access it and use it anytime. We can track vehicles and control amount of fuel in the fuel tank. Your offer of additional device's configuration in order to track the history of started / stopped hydraulic pump is also interesting for us and we would like to use it for next detailed control of vehicles' fuel consumption.

    Petr Bubeníček, transportation dispatcher of Vodárny a Kanalizace Karlovy Vary, a.s. division Stříbro (Waste water treating company)

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  • Final report of GPS tracking device usage in Baghdad.

    Our foreign bodyguard team had chance to use the best GPS tracking device which presented tracked objects at the best maps. Better device would be only GPS/SAT tracking device but the cost would be several tents of thousands CZK per month higher.

    This solution is very useful for next missions in Baghdad and I recommend it.

    Petr Hejna, foreign bodyguard team

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GPS vehicle and people tracking, fuel consumption and refueling measuring

We develop and provide systems for vehicle and people tracking services. Firms also appreciate our systems of fuel consumption and refueling measuring. These systems are based on special fuel sensors installed to fuel tank and continuosly measure fuel quantity. In case of fuel theft systems sends SMS messages to pre-defined phone numbers. Another systems for measuring fuel consumption are flow meters or reading data from CAN BUS with our without FMS format. Each type of vehicle is different and therefore we will suggest the best solution for each your vehicle. Whatever system we will deliver to you, you get the best control about your vehicles.